Violet De Vine / Michelle Côté who?
Well, hello there
Well, hello there

My name is Michelle Côté. I’m a creative. I live in Lethbridge, AB, home of the demon wind. I relocated to the ‘Bridge in 2009 to work as Art Director and GA with the awesome team at thirdstream. In the fall of 2013 I made the shift to self-employment and began freelancing full-time under Violet De Vine Design. I also like to paint, get crafty, snap photos and arrange my bookshelves by colour. If you’re checking me out for the first time, hello. It’s lovely to meet you.

Who's Violet?
Who's Violet?

The muse behind “Violet De Vine” is my great-grandmother—an amazing woman named Violet Doucette (1905-2005). She was a pioneer, matriarch, innovator and nurturer. Violet was an inspiration with her forward-looking attitude, her adventurous spirit and her insatiable curiosity about life. Like her, I have been blessed with a huge appreciation for the arts, music and photography—and I hope that my own great-grandchildren will say I had her spirit, humor and strength.

So ... Graphics and Art?
So ... Graphics and Art?

I’ve been drawn to creative pursuits since always. I was a Girl Guide (resulting in an early affinity for crafting and camping). As a pre-teen I spent days building mixed-media storybooks and filling sketchbooks with scribbles. I was enrolled in art classes if they were available, and my parents encouraged me to draw, paint, sculpt and practice self-expression in any form I wished (insert 80s aqua-net-bangs here). I was involved in art and photography throughout high school and graduated with Honors in Fine Arts. At that point I decided being an animator would bring me a lifetime of happiness and enrolled at AMTC. I studied animation with a small class, instructed by two of my (still) favorite humans: Jim Zubkavich and Graeme Morris. I then went on to work odd jobs for small advertising firms and creative contractors—which eventually led to designing and selling cabinetry for almost five years. Looking for a change, I decided to head back to school in 2007 and earned a two-year diploma in digital graphics. I was ready to start a career in graphic design.

The VDV Narrative
The VDV Narrative

Violet De Vine Design was established in 2009. I had graduated from SAIT in Calgary, was feeling pumped and immediately incorporated my humble design business post-diploma. Launching during a recession (with nothing but a fiery passion for design and the change rattling in my pocket) proved pie-in-the-sky. This meant a job hunt that led me to Lethbridge, where I was offered a job at thirdstream (formerly known as Webtech/CUmarketing). Violet De Vine hit the back-burner for a time. I took down my personal portfolio and opted to work on fewer side-projects and blog for a few years instead. In 2012 I dropped the “inc”, started taking on new clients as a proprietorship and freelancing on a semi-regular basis again. In the fall of 2013 the timing was right to give full-time self-employment another go. The gang at thirdstream gave me a collective high-five as I set out on this leg of the journey, and has remained a client so I’m lucky to continue to work with some of my favourite creatives.

Curious about my history and experience?

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Goods and Services List

Things I've done that I would happily do again


Logo development / Brand design

Logo refresh

Create a vector of an existing logo

Business stationery

Social media branding

Full custom website or software design ★

Wordpress website brand + populate

Event materials / merch

Annual reports

Posters / Direct mail

Ad / Campaign design

Brochures / Flyers / Postcards

Catalogs / Books

Menu design


Decals / Signage / Banners

Art Direction

Personal / Events


Annual Family Letters

Type Collage

Personal stationery

Monogram design (personal or wedding)


Wedding invitations / Stationery

Social media branding

Full custom website design ★

Event / RSVP websites

Event materials

Merch / VIP Passes / Posters

Brochures / Flyers / Postcards

Catalogs / Books—layout & typesetting

Decals / Signage

Custom rubber stamp design

Resumé layout & design


CD/DVD covers, inserts & discs

Newspaper layout / Illustration

Magazine layout / Illustration

Greeting card design

Custom illustration

Commission painting

Sculpy sculpting

Gift baskets

Wrapping Paper Design

Design-specific photography

Photo Editing

Apparel + Hang Tags

Kitchen design advice ♦

Pep-talks ♦

Dog-sitting ♦

High fives ♦

Designated driving ♦

★ all css & code is done by the super-skilled programmers I am proud to work with

♦ often free or cheap

Estimates, Payments + Sales

Some answers to common questions

Depending on your needs, I may bill hourly ('as-we-go') or provide an estimate for the complete job and work within the budget. I have a pretty good idea how long things take me and am glad to provide estimates. Deposits and milestone payments are entirely project-specific and will be determined before we get started.

My artwork is sold as-is. When a piece is commissioned, I require a deposit and the remaining amount upon delivery of the work. Feel free to contact me to chat about a commission piece.

If you have a project you need help with or are wondering how much something might cost, I can provide an estimate for graphic design and art direction services. If you’re wondering if I do the type of work you’re looking for, feel free to view the lists above, or get in touch.

Although I love to help—I am not offering design or photography services free-of-charge to charities at this time. I am happy to work within a budget that suits the needs of your not-for-profit organization.

I accept interac e-transfers, PayPal, cash, money-orders and cheques. Interac e-transfers can be sent to michelle@violetdevine.com.

Cash, cheques and money-orders are best delivered in person or through snail-mail/courier. My mailing address is at the top of your invoice if you choose the post. Please make cheques out to Violet De Vine Design.

A question I have had several times: "I don't have Paypal, do I need to set up an account?"

You don’t need a PayPal account to use your credit card to pay. Simply use the 'guest' feature on the payment page. If you wish to use a linked bank account on Paypal, you will need to sign up for an account.

The email you will see on my paypal account is payment@violetdevine.com. This is the correct one! If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me.

2014 Project


  • The Violet De Vine Design annual challenge for 2014 was to create a 10" x 10" acrylic painting every week for 52 weeks. This was the 10x10x52 project.
  • The complete collection (52 paintings) were put on display for one night only at a show + sale at CASA on April 18, 2015 in Lethbridge, AB. The show was organized by Jean Greer + Jeremy Robinson, and sponsored by The LA Gallery and Simply Surreal. Our volunteers and sponsors made it a fun, inspiring and successful evening.
  • There are still a select few paintings available for sale. If you would like to have a piece of this collection in your home or business, be sure to visit the shop!